Externalism in the New Century (Updated 12/28/06)

The concern some younger poets like myself have isn’t about narrative as a poetic form, but about the self-absorption of poetic content in general. Recently, I started on a sort of self-guided tour of contemporary poetry and found myself aghast that so much of what is written and published today (and has been since the late 50’s, early 60’s) is virtually meaningless outside of a poet’s own experience and perspective. Continue reading


Commentary on Stein Commentary

More than any other time of the year, the holiday season gets people to thinking about their differences.  Should we allow plays portraying Indians on Thanksgiving in our schools?  Should we allow public education to produce music programs that sing Away in a Manger and Silent Night?  Should we call it Winter Break?  Or Christmas Break?  Or Holiday Break?  Should politicians endorse religiously themed community programs?  And of course, this year, we have to ask if a holiday wreath in the form of a peace symbol is acceptable practice.  My goodness, what are we coming to?

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“Daddy and Them” Movie Review

I suspect that this Billy Bob Thornton movie received little attention and praise because viewers saw it as a diatribe about “country folk” that some might call “hicks.”  While it’s true that the film revolves around a backwoods family in Arkansas and has a tendency toward stereotypes of country living, the underlying theme of the movie can be applied all-too easily to any dysfunctional relationship. 

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