Charles Simic, Simic, Simic

Well, I told my readers that I’d have a review of Charles Simic’s My Noiseless Entourage.  Upon reading this collection of poetry, I was so moved by Simic’s work that I’ve decided to submit that particular review for publication.  Still, I owe it to the readers here at S & I to give some kind of idea of my thoughts about the collection, so here goes:

Simic’s work sits on the fine line between ambiguity and complete coherence.  Some of the pieces can be interpreted in a number of ways; some pieces remain abstract but defy any attempt to not interpret them.  Although Charles Simic is a professor, his work doesn’t fall into the academic category.  He doesn’t over-emphasize sonics or meter, but uses some of these techniques in incredibly well-thought out places and only where they are appropriate.  Despite the awe-inspiring depth of thought present in his work, Simic keeps his vocabulary in the realm of common American vernacular.   Sometimes the poems are playful; sometimes dead serious.  For all of these reasons, I’m ranking Simic as my all-time favorite contemporary American poetry.

Summary Scores:    
Originality: 4     Craft: 3     Accessibility: 5     Significance Factor: 5     Inspiration Factor: 4

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