Review of D.A. Feinfeld’s Rodin’s Eyes on Rattle

For S & I’s review readers, I wanted to let you know that my review of D.A. Feinfeld’s collection Rodin’s Eyes is appearing on Rattle.  It begins:

“D.A. Feinfeld’s Rodin’s Eyes is a collection of 50 poems with no discernible central theme, but which all play off one another for the reader’s benefit.  While the collection is crowded with striking images and ideas, the most striking quality of this book is the range of poetic technique and form.”

You can read the full review hereRattle publishes poetry in their print journal and E-reviews online.  For a good range of reviews, visit their home page!

An S & I poetry review announcement wouldn’t be complete without summary scores, so here they are for Rodin’s Eyes:

Originality: 4     Accessibility: 2     Technical Merit: 5
Significance Factor: 3     Inspiration Factor: 4

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