Poem at the Guardian Workshop

My poem A Note from the Narrator was chosen for the shortlist at this month’s Guardian workshop.  This is very exciting for me, but it also occured to me when I read my name there that I had neglected to point other poets to this wonderful resource.  Every month, the Guardian hosts a new workshop wherein a published poet writes an exercise, asks for submissions, and chooses a few of those to place on the page with commentary.  Past workshops have included “the difficult,” “the overfamiliar,” and many others.  It’s an excellent resource for poets (and I’ve used the themes to write flash fiction as well), especially when the wells are running a bit dry.  I’ve participated every month since I discovered this workshop.  This is the first time one of my poems has been chosen.  It isn’t, by any means, guarenteed exposure, but it is a terrific way to find some inspiration and challenge yourself to write something new. 

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