Wilkens’ The Red Light Was My Mind (Review of a Review [Sort of])

It was great news to hear that my friend and co-editor of The Externalist, Gary Charles Wilkens, received a review of his collection of poetry The Red Light Was My Mind in Rattle E-Reviews.  Being a good friend, I’d promised to review Gary’s book, but being human with faults and flaws and priority challenges, I didn’t get to it (so sorry Gary!).  The truth is that reviewing a book of poetry written by a friend is a psychological journey that is difficult to navigate.  Continue reading


I’ve been tagged

My friend Christine Klocek-Lim tagged me a few weeks back, so I’m trying to catch up! 

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?
Most people would consider my coffee intake a guilty pleasure, but it’s actually a bonafide addiction.

How do you take your coffee?
However I can get it.  Usually with 1 Splenda (no Equal or Sweet N’ Low please) and 1/2 teaspoon of non-dairy creamer.  Unless we’re talking espresso, in which case I drink the largest size cinnamon (syrup, not sprinkles) double-shot latte I can find.  Twice a year, I alternate lattes between cinnamon and the flavor of the month at Coffee Culture–October (pumpkin pie cheesecake latte) and November (hot buttered rum latte, but the rum is a little disappointing being just flavoring).

Who were you in a previous life?
Not a clue.  Perhaps a religious scholar.  Perhaps an indentured servant.  One thing is certain: I was never an aristocrat.  I would either be a whole lot better or a whole lot worse with money if I was and would certainly be a whole lot more empathetic toward the wealthy.

What is the worst film you ever paid to see?
Naked Gun.  Thankfully, I didn’t actually pay for it.  My father did.  He thought it was hilarious. 

What is the best thing you can ‘buy for’/’do with’ a dollar? / a euro?
You can’t get a latte for a dollar. 

What is the worst present you’ve ever received?
Five books of poetry.  By Rod McKuen.

What is your favourite word?
I have a lot of favorite words.  “Synthesis.”  “Apothecary.”  “Chintimini” (proper nouns are still words).