Why This Woman Won’t Vote for That One (Short Version)

In a world where time is always of the essence, I thought I should include a short version of why I don’t want Hillary Clinton to take the Democratic nomination.  Those interested can certainly navigate to the long version for a full breakdown.  What follows is a brief summary of my concerns about the Clinton campaign for the Presidency.  I offer this because I believe many people are inclined to vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman, and because I also believe many people are voting for what is an admirable goal without sound logic.  It is because this is a historic election that we are all so passionate about it. But as Americans, we have an obligation to know what we’re being passionate about and to do so not because of who the candidate is, but because of what they stand for. Continue reading


Why This Woman Won’t Vote for That One (Long Version)

First, let’s put these words in context.  I write this during the primaries, the day before Super Tuesday.  I say this because I don’t want this come back and haunt me later if Hillary Clinton should get the Democratic nomination and wind up on the election ballot.  There are certainly situations in which I might end up voting for her simply because some elections (like the last one) are a choice between the lesser of two evils.  I wouldn’t, for example, vote for Romney or Huckabee because surprisingly enough, I dislike their politics more than Hillary’s.


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