Why This Woman Won’t Vote for That One (Short Version)

In a world where time is always of the essence, I thought I should include a short version of why I don’t want Hillary Clinton to take the Democratic nomination.  Those interested can certainly navigate to the long version for a full breakdown.  What follows is a brief summary of my concerns about the Clinton campaign for the Presidency.  I offer this because I believe many people are inclined to vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman, and because I also believe many people are voting for what is an admirable goal without sound logic.  It is because this is a historic election that we are all so passionate about it. But as Americans, we have an obligation to know what we’re being passionate about and to do so not because of who the candidate is, but because of what they stand for.

1. Hillary claims to be a “Champion for Women” but has no plans to increase the number of women in underrepresented fields like science and math, clearly believes that enough employers are deliberately paying women unequal wages than men when in reality women tend to enter low-wage professions and is industries–not companies–that need to be addressed, and believes that “women’s rights” is wrapped around access to birth control and abortion without regard to those women who don’t necessarily feel the same way.  She also believes that supporting programs to increase the number of women who own businesses is enough when many of us have no desire to own business.  We want to be paid what we’re worth.

2. Hillary claims to be an advocate for improving education, but proudly admits to being a champion of No Child Left Behind–the single worst education legislation in American history.  In one place she says she will “end” the mandate, in another that she will “reform” it, and in both cases makes clear that she believes funding is the primary issue with this legislation when it absolutely is not. 

3. Hillary claims that more funding will increase the quality of education received by children with disabilities, but does not address the issue of under-trained professionals or the lack of accountability in the special education system.

4. Hillary claims that providing respite care for caregivers is the most important agenda item in families caring for individuals with disabilities, but does not address the need for more support to these families in self-advocacy efforts, medical care costs, or disability rights.  In fact, Hillary does not address disability (or any other minority) rights at all.

5. Hillary claims that she will increase access to college, but does not account for those who cannot afford to wait for a “tax credit” in order to attend–or those who would not benefit from a tax credit anyway.  Nor does she address the need for increased access to accredited continuing education programs for those who cannot afford to quit their jobs in order to attend college.

6. Hillary claims that she will increase access to health insurance, but does not address the major issues of the American health care system and does not take into account those who cannot afford to wait for a tax credit to “reimburse them” for their costs–or who would not qualify for such a tax credit.  This is much worse than her access to college plan because those most likely to be uninsured are those least able to pay for it now.

7. Hillary’s plans will cost billions, but she never addresses where she plans to get all this money.  Reducing trillion dollar national debt and adding billions of dollars of programs is simply not feasible by only cutting the Bush administration’s tax cuts for the rich. 

Now as I said in the “long version,” there are situations in which I would vote for Hillary Clinton on the Presidential ticket.  I write this the day before Super Tuesday because my hope is that she won’t be on the Presidential ticket.  I hate elections where I am choosing the lesser of two evils.

3 thoughts on “Why This Woman Won’t Vote for That One (Short Version)

  1. YES!!!

    Hillary won’t address the needs and financial rights of the caretakers of the disabled. We are left in a worse poverty than welfare recipients.

    Money thrown at No Child Left Behind – when I was growing up we had no computers, and lots of other stuff – yet most kids graduated and behaved and were C or above students. Money isn’t the answer. It’s the teaching and the parents of some of these kids that don’t teach them to behave and buckle down and learn.

    And yes to everything you said.

    And Michelle Obama’s no better, whining on her salary and her husband’s about paying back her student loans. What about what this country legislated to punish and torture those who can’t pay back the loans because they are barely paying the rent? Does she think of that? No, she whines. Student loans are the only credit with no protection. They can even take your SSI, Soc. Sec. unemployment checks and for what? to make more people homeless and the loan still won’t be paid because of the draconian interest and penalties?

    Why doesn’t Hillary address that? Have written to her almost 100 times, she never says a word.


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