A Closer Look at Bitterness in Rural America

This isn’t the first time Barack Obama has “chosen his words poorly,” but may be the most significant event of his campaign.  Being somewhat of an Obama supporter and also having lived in rural America for the majority of my adult life and a good portion of my childhood, I was drawn far more to this controversy than to Hillary’s “sniper fire” comments for two reasons.  First, it doesn’t seem surprising to me that any politician would offer their experience in terms of hyperbole.  They all do it.  Hillary waves her “First Lady” experience in the same way that Barack waves his “raised by a single mom” flag and we all know that neither experience was as ‘big’ as they’d like to make it out to be (Barack did attend an expensive private school and eventually Harvard, after all, something that most “impoverished” people can only dream about, not to mention that his mother remarried when he was young).  The second reason Obama’s comments inspired me to explore them is that there is within them an element of truth that cannot be ignored, but has obviously been misunderstood by Obama and others.  Continue reading