More Links on this Election Year

I’ve never been a blog surfer.  I’ve posted more stuff on my own blog in the last two weeks than the entire year it was up before.  This election is too important to me to give up any opportunity for more information, or to pass that information along.  Wading through fact and fiction is harder than ever and I have found more verifiable information reading blog comments than anywhere in the national media.  There’s a lot of falsity out there, too, extremists on both sides.  The single best blog I’ve found for intelligent, rational conversation is Mudflats, a blog that has received a lot of attention lately.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should.  Pay attention to the comments and click on the links within them.  There is information we should all know and don’t.  We have a responsibility to be informed voters.

Another blog that is getting a lot of attention: Women Against Sarah Palin.  Again, read the letters women-and men-are sending to this project.  It is heartening to know that there are still people out there, many people, that do not determine their vote on a single issue or a single perception that may or may not be true.

And finally, a YouTube Video highlighting McCain’s dirty and fraudulent advertising tactics.

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