Help Me Help Dzanc Books!

Alas, a respite from politics just when I need it most.  Dzanc Books is one of my favorite literary nonprofits.  This organization goes to great lengths to help writers, literary journals (print and online), and the broader community through their educational outreach efforts.  I’m especially excited about their Fellowship program in which the winner receives $5,000 to work on 1) a piece of literary fiction and 2) a year-long community service project related to writing.  As editor of The Externalist, this is an exciting prospect to me–literary activism at work!  As the economy has declined, so too has the ability of nonprofits to raise funds in traditional ways (major campaigns, large donations, and particularly grant writing which has become highly competitive with increased needs nationwide).  Dzanc Books has decided to host an innovative fundraising project–a Write-a-Thon–and I’ve decided to participate.  What is a Write-a-Thon and why should we be excited about it? 

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What’s at Stake? Another Voting Poem

This poem was written as much from despair as hope, I think.   As we move toward the final stretch before election day, I shudder to think that things usually get much more ugly during this time period.  I needed to remind myself what kind of America I believe in.  And I do believe, with all my heart, that every American matters and that we are above the back-and-forth nonsense we’ve seen these last weeks and months.  We are voting as much about our way of life, about our hope for the future, and about our belief or disbelief in the value of equality this election season, as we are any other issue even if we don’t realize it.  If we truly believe that all people are equal, now is the time to prove it.


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The Elections, Writers, and Poets

We’ve introduced a new feature over at The Externalist: Presidential Election 2008.  Many of the issues highlighted in the presidential campaigns are issues that contributors to The Externalist write about, so we’ve asked our contributors and other published writers to answer three or more questions directly related to the presidential elections.  We’ll be posting their answers throughout October on The Externalist‘s blog.  Thus far, answers have been posted by Kathie Giorgio and David Michael Wolach, both fiction writers whose work has appeared in The Externalist in the past. 

Participants need not be contributors to the journal.  If you are a published writer or poet, or know a published writer or poet, the questions and submission instructions are below.  We want to hear from many voices and encourage everyone to get involved, to talk politics, even if that isn’t with us.

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