The Elections, Writers, and Poets

We’ve introduced a new feature over at The Externalist: Presidential Election 2008.  Many of the issues highlighted in the presidential campaigns are issues that contributors to The Externalist write about, so we’ve asked our contributors and other published writers to answer three or more questions directly related to the presidential elections.  We’ll be posting their answers throughout October on The Externalist‘s blog.  Thus far, answers have been posted by Kathie Giorgio and David Michael Wolach, both fiction writers whose work has appeared in The Externalist in the past. 

Participants need not be contributors to the journal.  If you are a published writer or poet, or know a published writer or poet, the questions and submission instructions are below.  We want to hear from many voices and encourage everyone to get involved, to talk politics, even if that isn’t with us.

The Questions

1. Are you usually politically active, either in your writing or in other ways, and has that changed during this presidential campaign?
2. In talking with my family, friends, and colleagues, I feel like this presidential election is more emotional than prior elections, as though people are approaching this election in a more personal way than they usually would. Are you responding to this election differently than you have others and if so, why do you think that is?
3. As you consider the presidential candidates, what issue or issues are you thinking about the most?
4. What are three qualities that you think a presidential candidate should have and why?
5. I feel like I’m learning a lot about my country through this election and I’ve heard the same sentiment repeated from others. What is one thing you’ve learned about the U.S.A. or its people since the beginning of the primaries and how is that impacting your view of the candidates?
6. Do you have any significant concerns about this election and is that playing a role in how actively you are or aren’t involved?
7. Regardless of the results, do you think the experience of the 2008 presidential campaigns will have an affect on your writing in the future?
8. Give us one reason that you believe the candidate you’re supporting is the best choice to be president.

Submission Instructions

If you are a published writer or poet, choose three or more of the questions above and send your answers to with a statement of permission to publish your answers on our site during the month of October.  We do not want rants or hate speeches and will not publish anything that is discriminatory or that has been proven to be false.  If you are not a former contributor to The Externalist, please also let us know where your work has been published in the past.

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