My Upcoming Publications

In early fall, I saw my name in a well-known print magazine for the first time when my short story “Empty” appeared in Space & Time Magazine.  I tentatively touched the cover (beautiful cover for Issue 104) and ran my fingers over the name “Harry Turtledove.”  I was in a publication with Harry Turtledove!  Though my name wasn’t on the cover (why would it be with the likes of Turtledove to show off?), just knowing that my story was in those pages was a fantastic feeling.  I scanned the Table of Contents, found my story, and had to sit down.  Turning to the first page, I saw the excellent illustration by Victor Gianinni accompanying “Empty,” and suddenly, I felt like a real writer. 

Since then, I’ve received notifications of acceptances from a few other publications–all poetry acceptances.  Later this month, two of my poems are slated to appear in Thresholds.  Early in 2009, one of my poems is scheduled for publication in The Oregonian and another in Pemmican (a long-time favorite web journal of mine).  I am currently working on an article for a large publication (to be named at a later date) as well. 

Works in progress include continuing work on my novel (with the hopes of having a first draft completed by the end of the year), submitting my first poetry collection manuscript, and revising several short stories in preparation of sending them out soon.  By this time next year, I’d love to say, “I made enough money writing to have to pay taxes on it.”  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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