Update: My Dzanc Books Write-a-Thon Sponsorships

Dzanc Books, one of my favorite literary organizations, is having a Write-a-Thon tomorrow, November 15th, to raise funds for their projects and programs.  My favorite of these is their fellowship program which combines a literary fellowship with a requirement for a year-long community service project.  They also publish authors that may not find success in the mainstream publishing companies, and they provide assistance and support to literary journals, both online and in print.  As of today, I’ve gathered $200 in flat-rate sponsorships.  It is also possible to pledge per-word or per-page.  My goal for the day tomorrow is 2,000 words or approx. 8 pages.  I am offering to send a .pdf of the results of my labors to any of my sponsors that so desire it if they send an email to me (larina_blog@theexternalist.com).

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