A Kinda-Sorta Christmas Poem

I don’t usually have a lot of trouble writing from a prompt, but this year, as I sat down to write my annual Christmas letter to go out with Christmas cards, I decided I’d try to write a Christmas poem to go with it.  Perhaps because this year has been so full of trials, I had a hard time getting any particularly Christmas-y words down.  Not because I don’t feel the holiday spirit, but because I’m thinking so much about what that really means to me.  The villanelle that arose wasn’t what I expected, but perhaps will offer a little hope to someone during a difficult holiday season.  Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the trials in our lives, but without them, there would be no life to remember.  Enjoy, and happy holidays:

Caveats for Hope

Harken well each tribulation
without which we could not know glee.
Heralds of joy and celebration,

the trials we face convert the foundation
of who we once were into who we can be.
If we harken tribulation-

these caveats of pure elation-
we learn to hope, have faith, and see.
To herald joy and celebration

life needs a mode of education.
Who’s worse for learning humility?
So harken, harken tribulation!

Treasure times of contemplation,
but never shy from adversity
which heralds joy and celebration-

two halves to counter all stagnation
waiting to conquer the mind and body.
Harken well each tribulation.
They herald joy and celebration.


©2008, Larina Warnock.  This poem may be reproduced, unchanged and bearing the name of the poet, for non-commercial purposes only.  Acknowledgment of use should be sent to larina_blog@theexternalist.com.

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