Where Do I Send This Stuff? Notes on the Submission Process

I understand why novelists get agents.  I really do.  If I could be a writer and never write a cover letter or sort through potential markets, I would be in Heaven.  Unfortunately, that isn’t how the real world works–and short story writers and poets rarely get agents.

The cover letter issue has been covered in every writer’s instruction guide out there, but the most we typically get from those same guides on deciding where to send our artistic darlings is “Familiarize yourself with the magazine.”  Am I the only person that finds this advice utterly useless, especially in regard to poetry?  I’ll give you–this is important advice for the freelance article writer, but all too often the same magazine or journal that writes in their guidelines, “Familiarize yourself with our journal” also writes “Open all to all or most genres.  Send your best work.”  Say huh?

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