108 Degrees of Living Low Income

In 2006, we said to hell with Idaho minimum wage ($5.15/hr), health care (if you could call it that), special education (don’t get me started), and weather (weeks of 100+ and weeks of 25-).  We sold everything that didn’t matter, packed what was left into a Penske moving van, and headed to Corvallis, Oregon where I had already begun the process of renting a federally-subsidized tax credit apartment complex.  We told ourselves that it was only going to be for a year.  Now our third next door neighbor is moving out and I’m insanely jealous.  And after a day of 108 degrees, it almost feels like we might as well be in Idaho (except for the having hope part).

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S & I Review of “Up”

First, let me qualify this review with a statement of protest.  I did not see this movie in digital 3-D.  I have no intention of seeing any movie in digital 3-D.  Digital 3-D is a way for big production companies to make more money from fewer people because fewer people are able to watch those movies in the movie theater.  And it isn’t that good.  And the movies that are coming out in digital 3-D don’t need to be in 3-D at all.  They are kid flicks.  They are preying on childhood excitement and parental fear of failure. People are falling for it.  Now…on to the movie…

The first ten minutes of “Up” are alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking.  In form that only Pixar can pull off, the story is told more in action than dialogue.  The protagonist is easy to fall in love with, even when (perhaps especially when) he’s being a big jerk.  And on the surface, it seems as though it is a merely a story to tug on the heartstrings without making any kind of social commentary.  On the surface.  There are actually three distinct societal undercurrents in “Up” and each is represented by a distinctive and unforgettable character.

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Personal Site Up and The Externalist Under Construction Soon

My new personal web site is up and some of my more popular blog posts from here are moved.  I’ll continue to use this blog for reviews and commentary posts, but most of the announcement-style posts will end up over there.  At least, that’s the vision. 

The Externalist web site will be coming down for a few days later this week for a complete redesign.  This part of a large vision for The Externalist and I am positive that our readers will like the changes!  In the meantime, you can download a back issue absolutely free on the Archives page.

I post announcements of new content on both sites over on Twitter.