Mini-Reviews: Gigantic, Disney’s Earth, Crank: High Voltage

I’m not a big movie buff.  I like a particular kind of movie and watch movies for a particular reason, namely to satisfy my craving for art and entertainment when I don’t have time to read a novel.  Lately, it’s been a stress-relief mechanism.  Or I should say, I’ve tried to make it a stress-relief mechanism.   Unfortunately, the majority of the movies we’ve rented lately have been, um, less than entertaining or thought-provoking.

Gigantic starring Zooey Deschanel is an independent flick about a mattress salesman and an affluent, sexy daughter of a high-maintenance father (John Goodman).   It stayed on for approximately 25 minutes, at which point both my husband and I decided that sleep was more exciting.  I usually like a movie with quirky, unique characters, but only if the movie has an actual point and manages to allow that quirkiness to be enjoyable to the viewer.  This movie lacked any quality of entertainment, significance, or inspiration.  S & I score: 0  (For what it’s worth, I also turned off “The Code” starring Antonia Banderas and Morgan Freeman.  Seriously–I turned the TV off on Morgan Freeman!)

Disney’s Earth is an animal documentary in the vein of Wild Kingdom with a Disney twist.  A combination of exciting, humorous, and heartbreaking stories gives this film an interesting ability to ask the viewer to think about the value of our earth without actually asking.  In fact, this is the least preachy environmental film I’ve seen in quite some time, and yet it has the same overall effect.  The best part is that it is absolutely kid-friendly and a joy to watch as a family.  Significance Score: 3, Inspiration Score: 3.5, S & I score: 3

Crank: High Voltage is, well, exactly what you would expect it to be.  Similarly to the first “Crank” film, there is no attempt to be realistic.  This is pure over-the-top, action-packed, shoot-em-up entertainment.  As entertainment for a niche audience, it largely succeeds with the biggest drawback being a slightly slower pace than its predecessor.  As social commentary, well, it just isn’t.  Significance Score: 2, Inspiration Score: 1, S & I score: 1 

Here’s hoping our next movie picks work out a little more in my favor!


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