This kind of community building is what it’s going to take!


They work tirelessly to make our community better, working on behalf of others to improve their lives. They are champions of Best Start Metro LA, who generously give their time and energy serving on the Community Guidance Body. And, they’re moms — committed to the well-being of their children and families. 

Growing up in the Pico-Westlake section of Los Angeles, Guisela Gutierrez says she has seen many people make promises to improve the neighborhood, but real change seldom occurred. Yet, when she learned about Best Start Metro LA’s plans to bring together parents, community leaders and others to work as partners in transforming neighborhoods where young children can thrive, she knew it wasn’t an empty promise.

“I thought, ‘Wow, how organic — where parents and others diagnose a problem and prescribe a solution. It was important for me to join the initiative and offer my help,” says Gutierrez, who heard…

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