Words in Muddy Water

I like to think that every writer has a period of time when they believe that every word they’ve ever put down on the page is the wrong word, that everything they’ve ever written or will write is actually crap, and that anyone who has told them it’s worthwhile is just being kind to their feelings. I have to think that every writer goes through this because it somehow normalizes my own experience. It makes it okay that I don’t like what I’ve written and okay that I keep writing anyway.

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Hey Lady, What’s with the Cane?

Over the weekend, I did some light traveling to visit family. While it used to be pretty common for me to make an 8 or even a 12 hour drive, my body now can’t handle much more than a few hours. As a result, we’ve taken to staying at hotels for anything more than a quick trip to Portland or the coast. This trip was a good reminder of why disability awareness is still a huge need in the U.S.

We’d prepaid and after the clerk looked up our reservation, she says, “Would you like a room on the first floor since you have the cane?”

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