Although Zack didn’t receive hospice care, we were constantly making choices about quality or quantity, even when we didn’t know it. This post reflects the importance of those decisions.

Memory Bears by Bonnie

Life without quality isn’t much of a life at all. Quantity of days without quality is like a desert without water. Breathing in and out is to exist; taking pleasure in each day is to live. The choice of quantity without quality is a dismal existence.

One of the goals in hospice is for the patient to enjoy as much quality of life as possible. Keeping any pain to a tolerable level or less helps greatly towards this goal as pain can quickly remove quality from one’s daily life. Keeping the patient alert as possible contributes to their quality of life with their family and friends.

Life is to be cherished. It is within us to do whatever we can in order to live. We fight with all we have. We take on every possible opportunity for cure, for remission, for life. All of this is well and good…that is…

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In consideration of and for hospice workers: Thank you for all you do.

Memory Bears by Bonnie

It is common knowledge that most people do not want to talk about death and dying. Everyone knows they will die someday, but maybe think if they don’t talk about it, then it won’t happen. To them, denial is better than talking about death.

This may surprise some of you, but the health care field is the same way. Most work in areas where saving lives is the goal. In hospice, the goal is to help the terminal patient live a quality life, then die with dignity and not alone.

I always smiled when other nurses who did not work in hospice would ask where I worked. When I told them “hospice” the conversation was over before it began.

We are all going to die someday and along the way be touched by death, yet so many spend so much wasted energy fighting against that idea. Many will live their…

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