LGBT-Friendly Wedding-Related Services in Corvallis-Albany Area

The gay marriage ban in Oregon has been struck down! Yay! When I got married, I didn’t have to worry about calling someone for a price and finding out they wouldn’t serve me. I don’t think my gay friends should have to do that, either.

This list is by no means exhaustive or complete. If you own an LGBT-friendly business that provides services often used in weddings and want to be added to this list, please send an email with your name, the name of your business, the service you provide, your location (must be in Linn or Benton Counties–I don’t have the resources to manage an out-of-area list, I’m afraid), and a website address, email address, and/or telephone number. Note: I can only add businesses to this list if the owner contacts me. I may call and confirm that a request has been made to be added.

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