Money Hungry News: CNN now charging for Amanda Baggs video

I can’t even being to express my anger at CNN now giving only the briefest glimpse of the video created by Amanda Baggs, “In My Language” before switching to an advertisement to charge $2.95 per month or $24.95 per year for “CNN Pipeline” which “allows” you access to the news you can get on television for free.  In order to see only 10 minutes of this video, you now have to pay for the privilege.  But guess what?  I found a free link to the entire video at YouTube.  And I doubt I’ll be going to CNN for anything ever again.  To use this important video as a way to make money for themselves is disgusting to me.  Here they had an opportunity to really make a difference and they chose profit over morality. 

Perceptions of Autism Shattered – I Hope

For weeks, I’ve been grappling with an essay about the multitude of “perspectives” I’ve been offered about my oldest son, particularly since I began writing about him in my poetry.  I tried writing response poems.  I tried writing journal entries.  I tried it as a letter.  Everything I attempted fell into what can only be called unbridled rage.  Maybe that’s what I need to do eventually–just allow myself to funnel into a rant, get it off my chest.  But Amanda Baggs says it so much better than I do, and more poignantly than I ever could, and with the only damn perspective on autism that makes any friggin’ sense.  Take ten minutes out of your day to watch this video, and reconsider everything you’ve ever learned to be true.  Because chances are, it isn’t.