My 5 Favorite Films of 2013 (and a note on the biggest film triumph of the year)

Okay, lame title for a blog post, but these aren’t exactly reviews, and I didn’t want to mislead anyone. I’m running shy of time on winter break, after all, and I have to limit my frivolous commentary. I also wanted to do some self-reflection, though, and keep a bit of a record of things that inspired, moved, or entertained me in 2013. In include both rentals and theater releases. Tomorrow will be books. New Year’s Eve will be news stories. In short, my next three blog posts will be for me, and not so much for you the reader, but thanks for reading anyway!

Movies discussed: Cloud Atlas, Django Unchained, Warm Bodies, The World’s End, Stand Up Guys, and Ender’s Game.

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New Discoveries at a New Kind of Literary Conference

I spent these past two days in Olympia, Washington on the Evergreen State College campus for PRESS: a cross-cultural literary conference.  Their theme this year was “Activism and the Avant Garde” and it seemed like just the kind of thing I could appreciate.  I did.  After a long and rather unproductive conversation about some perceived injustice on Internet forums, it was wonderful to attend a conference with other writers and editors talking about things that actually matter. 


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