A Kinda-Sorta Christmas Poem

I don’t usually have a lot of trouble writing from a prompt, but this year, as I sat down to write my annual Christmas letter to go out with Christmas cards, I decided I’d try to write a Christmas poem to go with it.  Perhaps because this year has been so full of trials, I had a hard time getting any particularly Christmas-y words down.  Not because I don’t feel the holiday spirit, but because I’m thinking so much about what that really means to me.  The villanelle that arose wasn’t what I expected, but perhaps will offer a little hope to someone during a difficult holiday season.  Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the trials in our lives, but without them, there would be no life to remember.  Enjoy, and happy holidays:

Caveats for Hope

Harken well each tribulation
without which we could not know glee.
Heralds of joy and celebration,

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