Back to the Issues, Please

Several columnists, bloggers, and analysts have said that eventually the presidential campaign will get back to the issues.  I hope so because frankly, I’m sick to death of personal attacks not only between candidates, but between friends and family, neighbors and co-workers, and even between spouses.  There is no doubt that this is the most emotionally charged presidential election of my (relatively short) lifetime—and with good reason.  Still, it’s frustrating to have to sift through thousands of web sites, news articles, blog comments, and goodness forbid, even YouTube, to figure out where the candidates actually stand on the issues.  I admit that I’m guilty as anybody of getting too emotionally involved.  But that doesn’t change the fact that this election is about issues first and foremost.  It’s time to turn to those.  There isn’t much time left before we will all (I hope) be placing our votes.   We have a responsibility to do this based on knowledge of all the issues—not just the one we care most about.

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