In Search of Externalist Prose

The month has proven interesting for Gary and I.  Shortly after our first Call for Submissions for The Externalist, we began receiving submissions and have seen some very fine prose and poetry cross our desks. 

Still, poetry submissions outnumber prose submissions almost 4-to-1 and we’ve received very, very few prose pieces that seek to expand human thought about the world around them.  While this is interesting, particularly since poetry is often seen as the genre that encourages self-referential content, it is also a bit discomforting.  What happened to the days when authors sought to inspire change and influence people?  I don’t think those days are gone, but for some reason, we aren’t seeing any of it.  If you think your prose has what it takes to make it into the debut issue, check out the submission guidelines and give us a shot.  Remember that both genre and literary fiction and both intellectual commentary and memoir is welcome at TE

If you think you’re almost there, take a look at The Externalist Forum for prose critique.  If you’re just starting out and are open to constructive, albeit blunt, criticism to help you improve, our forum might be the right one for you. 

If you’re a chronic reader with an appetite for literature that empowers, instructs, inspires, and maybe makes us a little uncomfortable, we’d love to talk to you in our Reader’s Center.  If you’re a bit on the opinionated side and just want to discuss and debate the big issues facing our generation and generation to come, our General Discussion forum might suit your fancy.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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